• Web designer and female half of Spain Buddy.
  • Pompey lass now resident in Spain.
  • Miracle worker currently trying to turn water into wine.
  • Loves dogs, vino collapso, food, travel, trance music and her man (although not necessarily in that order).
  • Has been known to throw shoes and half the stationery cupboard but generally is chilled out.
  • A devoted friend, but a lethal enemy.
  • Bite way worse than her bark. You have been warned.
  • Doctor Who fan

Web Design: 

As part of Gandy-Draper, Elle has been designing websites since 2006. Visit...

Spain Buddy: 

Spain themed website for tourists and residents of Spain. Visit...



PO Box 90. The Post Shop.
Avda 28 de Febrero, 44.
Albox 04800. Almería.
Tlf Spain: 950 930 916 / UK: 023 9298 5734
Email: elle@elledraper.com